Our Board and Staff

Free Bikes 4 Kidz is led by a passionate and engaged board of directors and staff. Find out more about them below.



FullSizeRenderTerry Esau – Executive Director

Composer, producer, music super­star who gave up his successful career to write books, ride bikes and become the fearless founder of Free Bikes 4 Kidz. He rides a Trek Madone with DI2 that costs more than his car­­, which says more about his car than his bike.







83cc54cc7145dfffaba863a4defda4d5_400x400 Jeff Parell – Board Chair

Former captain of the worldwide car rental industry, now at the helm of the Free Bikes 4 Kidz Board, Jeff’s favorite parts of working with FB4K include sharing smiles with kids on give­-away day, and doing his best to irritate FB4K’s founder Terry.




2672d71.jpg Brian Siska – Vice-Chair/Secretary

In past lives Brian was a boy scout, marketing director, business owner, tank commander, marathon runner and entrepreneur. His heart still belongs to a gold stingray with the leopard­ print banana seat and high rise handlebars.




Gina-Sapia.jpgGina Sapia – Treasurer

Busy downtown Minneapolis CPA who loves to help non­profits with their books, Gina would much rather be shredding wilderness trails on her Salsa El Mariachi hardtail 29er or her Salsa Beargrease fatty.




IMG_1035Fred Borstad

Fred has been described as “really a pretty good guy,” and enjoys spending time with his five bikes ages 7, 5, 3, 1 and 6 months.




1544432_594628083955301_1909852245_nMark Eumarian

Patrol Bike­Man Mark specializes in Park Tool parts, bike gear and uniforms for the  law enforcement industry. His go­to­rides are downhill skis and a late 90’s Colnago  Technos steel frame with Campagnolo Record components.




 LifetimeTri_2015_3Greg Kurowski

30 year advertising industry guru who believes work should be fun and not a four-letter word, Greg admits to having lost many brain cells at high altitudes due to love of mountain climbing, and being a closet accordionist.




IMG_2041David Rulifson

David started delivering papers at age nine on a Sears bike with baskets, and now commuting on bike to and from Wells Fargo provides plenty of inspiration. He can’t decide between his Cannondale, Seven, Felt and 2 Times.




20151010_1408401-229x300.jpgDan Swartz

A commercial real estate broker who once rocked Coachella and made money as a Jerry Seinfeld look-a-like, strives to convince his kids he is still cool. Dan rules the road on his Specialized Tarmac and Salsa Beargrease fatty.




IMG_2362.jpgMaureen Vischer

Kids specialist Maureen’s philosophy is to keep the action in front of you, watch out for people trying to take out your knees, and celebrate like crazy when something good happens. She wheels a less­-than-­agile Honda Pilot.




bizpic-e1472076144206-300x295.jpgJoan Weber

With a long career as an painter and illustrator, Joan has unleashed her creative powers to make Free Bikes 4 Kidz look good and feel good in the world of social media. Her wheels are always turning.