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Have a first bike story?

Share a photo or take a selfie video telling us about that bike...what it meant to you, where it took you. Words, photos, videos. Let's build a growing thread of first bike stories so we can realize the difference a bike can make in the life of a kid who doesn't have one.

Tag your stories: #myfirstbike and @freebikes4kidz


Put a kid on a bike for just $25!


You can also text BIKE to 53-555 and donate directly from your phone!

Terry Esau, founder of FB4K, chats with Kelly and Ryan about the Free Bikes 4 Kidz organization.

Phil Liggett “Kid Wins Tour” Bill Walton, NBA Hall of Famer Sen. Amy Klobuchar Kirby Heyborne, TV Host “Making Good” Terry Esau, Founder of FB4K

Passionate about the wellbeing of children, FREE BIKES 4 KIDZ brings communities together to sustainably furnish bikes to kids-in-need, providing a pathway to health, happiness and opportunity.

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  • 22 markets and growing
  • Over 175,000 bikes given away
  • 100,000 volunteers engaged
  • +700 organizations involved
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  • Nationally recognized brand
  • Highly efficient operating model
  • Award winning
  • Passionate Board, visionary Founder
  • Since 2010
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Giving away 1 Million+ bikes

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Bikes collected
1.2M (from 110 locations)
Bikes given away
Metal kept out of landfills
17,000 tons (about 34 Boeing 747s)
Rubber kept out of landfills
1,300 tons (about 6 billion rubber bands)
Volunteers engaged
516,000 (about 10 Fortune 500 companies)
Volunteer hours donated
2.9M (about $35M of minimum-wage labor)
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In the future, FB4K’s proven, scalable model will put a kid on a bike for less than the cost of two Starbucks Tall coffees.


Learn more about our programs in these wonderful locations:

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